Community-Centric Leadership. This event was curated by and for the Dallas Leadership Board, a group of local leaders committed to the idea that national security and critical infrastructure resiliency is strengthened through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, diversity, and leadership development.

Their collective insights and recommendations influence every aspect of this program including speakers, topics, and technology partner participation.   

Session Topic:

Building a comprehensive cybersecurity program is only the first step in ensuring the business is protected. CISOs must leverage leadership and technology to connect their information security team with IT and operations to ensure their strategy is translated into action. In this collaborative discussion, join local senior cybersecurity leaders to discuss the technology and leadership skills that unify their teams behind a single vision. The conversation will address:

  • Building better teamwork between information security and operations teams
  • Adapting technology to create a more efficient & unified security program
  • Innovating with cybersecurity without compromising on fundamentals
Ben Nicholson
Ben Nicholson
Global Practice Leader for Prisma Cloud
Palo Alto Networks
In this role, he orchestrates the seamless deployment of Prisma Cloud solutions for a diverse clientele and has in-depth working knowledge of many security platforms.
With 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, Ben has held a range of product and security consulting roles for technology companies across North America.

Technology Partner:


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