Tuesday, June 21, 2022
5:00 PM
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
9:00 AM
Chuck Markarian
9:30 AM

Lightning Talks are brief presentations from leading-edge technology partners and an opportunity to quickly learn about innovative use cases. 

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9:40 AM

A New Approach: CISO Empowerment
In the last year high-profile breaches, increased media attention, and new federal regulatory proposals have indelibly changed cybersecurity’s culture. Expectations for and the measure of a successful security program have shifted, creating a moment of empowerment for the CISO. Join a conversation with Andy Kirkland as he reflects on: 

  • Assessing the new standards CISOs and cybersecurity teams will be held to
  • Prioritizing purposeful engagement with your team during a time of intense scrutiny
  • Responding to the (potentially) uncomfortable drive into the industry’s future 

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Andy Kirkland
10:10 AM
10:40 AM

Alaska Air's Continuous Attack Analysis

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Kevin Morrison
11:30 AM

Rethinking Data Governance Challenges
Data is the essential asset that drives an organization’s ecosystem. It spreads across systems, devices, and applications, enabling users’ ability to share information quickly, and creating significant organizational risk. Discuss how CISOs can enact data controls without hindering innovation, including: 

  • Discovering and maintaining an accurate understanding of data workflows at scale
  • Using network security capabilities to monitor malicious activity and prevent data loss  
  • Enforcing least-privilege user access to data and applications across infrastructure 

Best Practices to Unite Developer and Security Teams 
Development teams are integral to business operations, helping create agility and driving innovation for the company. But when security isn’t built into the development process, you also increase the risk of becoming a victim or carrier of malware. Join this roundtable discussion to learn best practices for: 

  • Integrating dev and security teams and performance metrics
  • Balancing security requirements against operational needs
  • Implementing SDLC policies and CI/CD workflows 

Designing Actionable Threat Intelligence at BCBS Association

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12:15 PM
1:15 PM

Aligning Threat Detection and Your IR Plan
The increased complexity of malicious actor’s techniques demands CISOs stay one step ahead of the threat landscape while still preparing for potential worst-case scenarios. Join this interactive discussion to engage with your peers on: 

  • The latest adversarial tradecraft trends and how to harden your preventative controls
  • Creating a feedback loop between threat detection, mitigation, and IR preparedness
  • Gaining business buy-in to test and validate your security defenses and IR playbook

Managing Supply Chain Vulnerabilities  
Third-party security is one of the greatest threats to an organization’s cybersecurity. It’s also one of the most challenging risks to mitigate. Join your CISO peers in this roundtable discussion to share challenges and offer insights for:  

  • Improving visibility of third- and fourth-party security practices 
  • Adjusting your risk classifications after the discovery of security weaknesses 
  • Strategizing the scope of efforts to remediate third-party vulnerabilities 

The CISO's Role in Building Customer Trust

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Jason Lee
2:00 PM
2:30 PM

Lightning Talks are brief presentations from leading-edge technology partners and an opportunity to quickly learn about innovative use cases. 

2:40 PM

The Future of Cybersecurity Teams
In this panel presentation, CISOs discuss the changing nature of cybersecurity and consider what today’s pressures – a lean talent pool, spreading attack vectors, and increased partnerships with technology providers – mean for tomorrow’s security teams. The discussion will explore: 

  • How technology and automation will change the structure of cybersecurity teams
  • What skill set we will need in the future talent pool (and how we are preparing today)
  • How these shifts will support diversity initiatives and build an inclusive security culture 

Presented by:

Gail Coury Mary Gardner Adrian Mayers
3:10 PM

Lightning Talks are brief presentations from leading-edge technology partners and an opportunity to quickly learn about innovative use cases. 

3:20 PM

Ethical Considerations for AI, ML, and Data Analytics
Organizations collect as much data as possible, processing and combining this information to improve customer experience, and considering potential security and privacy risk through legal frameworks. But even with AI arguably in its infancy, this isn’t enough; we must proactively apply ethical frameworks too. In this discussion, chief analytics, compliance, and security officers grapple with how companies can:

  • Develop actionable codes of conduct considering ethics and inherent bias
  • Build proactive security into the lifecycle of AI, ML, and algorithmic systems
  • Partner with legislators to influence the design of ethical industry standards 
Jon Francis Shawn Harris Sven Peterson
4:00 PM