Tuesday, October 18, 2022
8:00 AM
9:00 AM

If cybersecurity leadership required just the technical skills, it would be a much easier job. Instead, the modern CISO must leverage both their technical and soft skills to drive results across complex and evolving organizations. In this session, Anahi Santiago offers insight into how security leaders can build stronger connections across the business to help drive security and business excellence.

Anahi Santiago
9:45 AM

Although not every CISO will agree on the definition of marketing forward terms like Zero Trust, these words represent real challenges that security leaders must solve. In this session, join local security leaders to discuss looking past marketing terms to make real improvements to their organization’s security processes and technology.


Even though Access Management isn’t a new component of an effective cybersecurity program, it is nonetheless a key priority for many security teams. With high-profile cyber-attacks making national headlines, security teams must focus on  improving the fundamentals of cybersecurity.  In this session, join Mark Eggelston and David Lingenfelter for a collaborative conversation on how to improve access management consistency.

David Lingenfelter
11:00 AM

Security teams evaluate, escalate, and mitigate a never-ending stream of alerts every day, but not every attack represents a high priority threat to an organization’s risk tolerance. Our teams must be prepared to move quickly when a low priority risk is exploited. Join local security leaders in this roundtable discussion to share challenges and offer insights on ransomware.


To quantify how they are reducing risk for the business and where to strategically invest, security leaders need effective, actionable metrics. These measures are essential to communicating effectively with the Board and other executive stakeholders.


Mergers and acquisitions are incredible opportunities for organizations to rapidly improve their business outcomes, but they are also an opportunity to expose the business to unexpected vulnerabilities. In this breakout session, join Tammy Klotz and Michael DaGrossa to discuss how security leaders can level up their leadership skills to drive better results across the business during a merger and acquisition.

Tammy Klotz
12:40 PM

Security teams can only be as effective as the tools they have at their disposal, but not every tool fits every organization. In this keynote session, Donna Ross, CISO, Radian Inc. shares how she optimized her organization’s security stack, creating a more cost-efficient program that better fit her teams requirements.

Donna Ross
1:45 PM

The scope and complexity of third-party relationships ensures quantifying, measuring, and mitigating supply chain vulnerabilities is a constantly evolving task. For this reason, third-party security remains one of the greatest threats to an organization’s cybersecurity. Join local security leaders in this roundtable discussion to share challenges and offer insights on improving third-party visibility, adjusting risk classifications after an incident, and third-party strategy.


When security teams have the right information at the right time, they can address an incident before it threatens the organization's cybersecurity. Security leaders must empower their team with the right processes and technology to efficiently identify the critical information. Join local security leaders in this roundtable discussion to share challenges and offer insights on improving the utilization and automation of threat intelligence.

Tracey Brand-Sanders

Digital channels increasingly underpin an organization’s critical operations but often contain inherent vulnerabilities. And as attacks become harder to detect, security teams need more aggressive countermeasures. Join an interactive discussion on executive decision-making, client-side vs network layer signals, automated attacks, 2FA vulnerabilities.