Wednesday, June 7, 2023
9:10 AM

As cybersecurity becomes even more central to economic, cultural, and business conversations, CISOs must transform their approach to cybersecurity into actionable objectives. In this keynote session, CISOs offer an inside look into their organization’s zero trust journey, from where they started and how the strategy was defined, to the key tenets they’ve implemented, and the lessons learned along the way. 

Presented by:

Elias Oxendine
10:00 AM

As cyber threats advance, regulatory scrutiny builds, and organizational risk appetites decrease, a CISOs ability to influence the business is key to protecting critical assets and brand reputation. This Boardroom is an open discussion about the barriers and opportunities to push security programs forward. Discussion areas include: 
-   Addressing tough topics with internal stakeholders 
-   Best uses of automation and analytics 
-   Addressing technical debt to unlock innovation

Rich Nagle

Building a strong cybersecurity program requires a strong foundation in security fundamentals. Senior security leaders must find the right strategies, processes, and tools to strengthen their security fundamentals while minimizing business disruption and maximizing cost savings. Join this roundtable session to discuss:
-    Maximizing your organization’s security posture with minimal investment
-    Developing the right plan for an organization’s cybersecurity initiatives
-    Selecting the right tool to maximize value

11:15 AM

As cybersecurity teams face an uncertain market, stagnant budgets might force many teams to re-examine their tooling—especially in expensive environments like cloud. In this Boardroom session, join local security leaders to discuss:
-    How you frame decision making when evaluating cloud offerings  
-    How to maximize the value of your cloud security tools
-    Where to find the best cloud security skillset for your program 

Jason Kinder

Keeping ahead of bad actors can be a major strain on information security teams who are already struggling to keep up with the complex demands of information security. In this Boardroom discussion, join local security leaders to discuss:
-    Developing a threat intelligence program
-    Measuring the value of your spend on threat intelligence
-    Translating information into actionable controls

Dave Bixler
1:10 PM
2:15 PM

With an increasing number of incidents happening down the supply chain, security leaders must ensure their organization can minimize the impact of potential breaches. How to address this challenge when you lack insight into a vendors security increases the strain on team and technology. In this Boardroom, join senior security leaders to discuss
-    Improving visibility into the security of your supply chain 
-    Mitigate the outcome of any compromised technology or business partners
-    Minimizing the amount of time your team spends on supply chain

Dave Bixler

Today’s cybersecurity executive is responsible for reducing risk in the face of hyper evolving adversaries, increasing 3rd and 4th party supplier incidents, and rapidly increasing endpoints and identities on the network. Translating zero trust into a program that addresses these challenges is not an easy task. During this Boardroom discussion, local CISOs share best practices and lessons learned on: 
-    Implementing key zero trust controls, 
-    The impact to user experience, 
-    Demonstrating the risk reduction of a zero-trust strategy.  

3:20 PM

As organizations expand digital capabilities, sensitive data spreads across the business and into supply chains, creating additional risk and compliance concerns. In this panel discussion, CISOs share how they think about creating a security strategy focused on mitigating data risk, adapting strategy to shifting business requirements, and the steps they’ve taken to secure and harden data itself. 

Thomas Dager